Erling Haaland (Norwegian Professional Footballer)

It was the FIFA Under-20 World Cup match between Norway and Honduras when a young player named Erling Haaland captured everyone’s attention with his amazing football skills. He scored nine goals against the Honduran team. And showed the world how capable he is with his football talent. Even though Norway won that match by a score of 12-nil.

Mr. Haaland is a striker who currently plays for Manchester City in the English Premier League. And he is a member of the senior-level Norway football team. He runs like a bullet, and his finishing ability is heart-winning. So, in this article, we will go over Erling Haaland biography. Which includes his height, net worth, salary, girlfriend, childhood, and football career.

Erling Haaland Biography

Erling Haaland, a Norwegian footballer, has earned a reputation for his goal-scoring ability. And he will soon become one of the celebrities of the English Premier League. People start talking about the “next generation of great players,” and he is one of them. So, without wasting more time, let’s start with Haaland biography.

What is the full name of Erling Haaland?

The famous Norwegian footballer Erling Haaland full name is Erling Braut Haaland.

What role does Haaland play in the Norwegian national team and club team?

Erling Haaland, a young footballer from Norway, plays as a striker for Manchester City and the Norwegian football team. He has shown his talent to the world, and it is assumed that he will carry the football generation to the next level.

What are the date and place of birth of Erling Haaland?

Erling Braut Haaland was born on July 21, 2000, which means he is only 22 years old. And his birthplace is Leeds, United Kingdom, although he plays for Norway.

What is the zodiac sign of Erling Haaland?

The zodiac sign of Erling Haaland is Cancer.

Is Erling a Norwegian citizen?

According to Haaland, “I am Norwegian and proud of it.” He has a valid Norwegian passport.

What is the name of the school and college where Haaland has studied?

There is not much information regarding schooling and college. He did, however, join local footballer Byrne’s academy when he was five years old. He improved his football skills slowly but strongly. And soon got his first opportunity to play for the youth team at 15 years old. The coach loved his game awareness and playing skills.

What religion does Erling Haaland follow?

Haaland was raised by a Christian family. And he also follows the Christian religion.

What is the salary of Haaland?

Haaland earns £375,000, or $456,480, per week from Manchester City. Which is the same as midfielder Kevin De Bruyne.

What is the net worth of Erling Haaland?

The top five Manchester City players’ net worth is estimated to be around $40 million, or £32 million.

What is the physical state of Haaland? 

He is one of the tallest players on the team; his height is around 6 feet 4 inches, or 1.95 meters. And his weight is around 86 kilograms or 189.50 pounds. He has long blonde hair, blue eyes, and light skin.

Who is the girlfriend of Erling Haaland?

He dating with Isabel Haugseng Johansen.

Body Measurements

  • Chest: 44 inches
  • Waist: 33 inches
  • Biceps: 17 inches
  • Shoe size: 10 inches

Early Life of Haaland

Earling Haaland was born on July 21, 2000, in Leeds, United Kingdom. But when he was four years old, his parents moved to Norway. Exactly where his family belongs Their parents are very supportive. And believe that one day Erling will do something great. He began playing football at the age of five and joined Byrne’s academy in his native Norway. It was 2004 when Erling Haaland family moved to Bryne, Norway, his father’s hometown. He played for many local clubs at different levels and improved his skills, and learned new things. Apart from football, Erling Haaland loves to play golf and handball.

Personal life of Erling Haaland

His father, Alfie Haaland, was also a soccer player. And played for Manchester City and Leeds United as a midfielder. And defender in the English Premier League and his mother, Gry Marita Braut. He was an athlete who participated in the heptathlon events. His cousin, Albert Braut, is a footballer who recently signed with Norwegian giants Molde. He has two sisters, Gabrielle Braut Haaland and Astor Braut Haaland. And he loves songs and produced the music video “Kygo Jo” in 2016 with Flow Kingz, Erik Tobias Sandberg, and Erik Botheim. He does meditation very often. Currently, he is dating Isabel Haugseng Johansen.

The Career of Erling Haaland

His football career started with Bryne, a local group in Bryne, Norway. He played there from 2005 to 2016. Then the club promoted him to Bryne 2 and Bryne 3, and he played there until 2017. In mid-2017, he joined Molde and stayed with them till 2019. Due to being born in England, he was eligible to play for England, but he chose Norway.

Now, his life accelerates, and he plays the 2019–20 season for Red Bull Salzburg and scores 17 goals in 16 appearances, which is tremendous in itself. He played for Borussia Dortmund throughout 2020-22 and hit 62 goals in 67 matches, almost one goal per match.

In 2022, Manchester City agreed to pay £51 million to Borussia Dortmund for the transfer of Erling Haaland. And he did not disappoint the management and hit 13 goals in 18 appearances.

For Norway Haaland has played at the Under-15, U-15, U-17, U-18, U-19, U-20, U-21, and Senior levels. He played for a senior team in the 2020-21 UEFA Champions League. His first international match against Malta is on September 5, 2019. And his first goal and hat trick came against Austria and Romania, respectively, in the UEFA League. Currently, he has 23 goals in 21 appearances in international matches for Norway.

Some lesser-Known Points of the Erling Haaland

  • He scored nine goals in one match against Honduras in a FIFA Under-20 World Cup match.
  • He was born in England and is eligible to play for them, but he prefers to play for the Norwegian team.
  • He loves songs and has a younger brother with his Norway Under-19 teammates.
  • He has two hat tricks in international matches for Norway to date.
  • His playing style is unique but attacking, and he is a center forward technically.
  • Erling Haaland father, Alfie Haaland, initially guided him and assisted him in learning the skill of football.
  • Erling Haaland has a dream to win the English Premier League with the Leeds United team.
  • Football experts have estimated that Erling Haaland, Kylian Mbappé, Bukayo Saka, and Phil Foden are the next generation of footballers who will give a new height to the sport.

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