Albanian sayings, most of the times are extremely motivating. One of the Albanian sayings, explaining the importance of brotherhood and cash warmly says, "Brotherly love for brotherhood, but cheese for cash." Explore these Albanian Proverbs.

If you are in the house of a friend, awful situation are soon forgotten.

If your neighbor is an early morning person, you too will become one.

If you have figs in your bag, everybody will want to be your companion.

He who inclines toward a major tree will consistently discover conceal.

He who isn't drunk on a Sunday does not merit a welcome on Monday.

Each visitor abhors the others, and the host despises them all.

The people that has eaten enough will never believe on hungry people.

The fox will catch you with cleverness, and therefore the wolf with the strength and courage.

About Albanian Proverbs

This Albanian idiom is typically used to reference someone that is alert, active, or attentive. If you say someone is “It's not possible for anyone to serve two bosses". Explore and share these Albanian Proverbs.