Best 60 Azerbaijani proverbs and Sayings are Wise enemy is better than a foolish friend. And another Azerbaijani proverb is Flies are nothing, but they make you sick. Enjoy these types of Azerbaijani proverbs.

Do an honest deed, and throw it into the ocean.If the fish don’t appreciate it, the Creator will.

He can’t saw the beam in his own, but he is trying to find an eyelash in someone else’s.

Never check the teeth of a horse that has been given by a wealthy landowner.

If the neighbor were good, (even) the blind girl would have an opportunity to urge married.

A faithful friend never becomes a stranger, never mind if he hasn't seen you for 100 years.

Wish your neighbour had two cows in order that you'll have one for yourself.

Doing good accordingly permanently may be a deed of each man. Doing good for bad is that the hallmark of an honorable man.

I tried to draw the eyebrow, but I ended up with getting the poking attention from friends .

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