Marvelous Chinese proverbs and sayings collections are given here A clear conscience never fears midnight knocking. And another Chinese Proverb is Bad things never walk alone. Troubles always come with other troubles. Try these Chinese proverbs.

Control the winds by trimming your sails. Focus your efforts on honing your talents, and you will be better prepared to face uncertainty.

The wind and the waves seem always to favor the best sailors

Those with true skill know how to make opportunities in any environment

Those with less ability should work harder instead of making excuses.

One should value previous contacts and avoid discarding old friends or people who have helped you before.

Make the cap fit the head. Know where and when to make adjustments.

When the wind is great, bow before it; when the rain is heavy, yield to it.

One must adapt to circumstances, just as water must take the shape of its container.

A common saying of parents who idolize their offspring and liken the child’s abilities to the sun.

One who has never met adversity will not develop foresight.

Opposition and adversity give us a chance to rise to new heights.

Challenges are the most truthful and strictest of teachers.

All great minds become valuable through the lessons of time and experience.

Give challenges to those who have the character to face them.

An expression referring to one who harbors resentment, represses anger, and endures suffering.

Anger is said to originate from the liver, so this expression is used when a person is extremely angry.

In anger, a person becomes a danger to himself and to others.

An expression to calm someone who is creating a disturbance or having an outburst of anger.

One who seeks beauty with a pure heart finds what he is searching for.

Be cautious when presented with promised windfalls that require little investment.

It is cheaper to give a small sum than to lend a large amount.

Man’s memory can be altered when in a situation of urgent need. Make loans cautiously.

There is no poverty where there is character, and no wealth or honor where character is missing.

Fortunes may rise and fall and kingdoms may tumble, but one’s character never changes.

Where there is character, ugliness becomes beauty; where there is no character, beauty becomes ugliness.

When compromise turns into commitment, it becomes permanent.

A common saying to denote bitter enemies who cannot coexist.

A long journey tests a horse; a long-drawn-out conflict tests a friendship.

Settle a small conflict quickly and you will keep a hundred others at bay.

Refusal to cooperate with evil is equal to cooperating with good.

Each person equals a grain of sand, but an army is like a block of gold.

Keeping company with the wicked is like living in a fish market: one becomes used to the foul odor.

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