Marvelous Chinese proverbs and sayings collections are given here A clear conscience never fears midnight knocking. And another Chinese Proverb is Bad things never walk alone. Troubles always come with other troubles. Try these Chinese proverbs.

“Your parents must have been very kind to others to A person’s character will determine his destiny.

Weaving a net is better than praying for fish at the edge of the water.

First resolve what must be done; solutions will then become evident.

Communicate early and often when working on a complicated project.

When the itch is inside the boot, scratching outside provides little consolation.

A Buddha made of mud crossing a river cannot protect himself.

Ants are likened to greedy thieves and signify those who benefit from the misery of others.

There is no greater calamity than being consumed by greed.

Happiness is when we finally become what we have always wished to be.

Solitude is enjoyed only when one is at peace with oneself.

It is better to like what you have than to have what you like.

A compassionate person will speak through thoughtful acts rather than just saying the right things to impress others.

Little persons try to be perfect, while great ones do not know they are great.

A burnt tongue becomes shy of hot soup. Mistakes make one timid.

Do not have each foot on a different boat. Choose a direction and do not look back.

One whose heart is not content cannot make good decisions.

Reticence builds a fortress in the mind. One who is unsure or fearful puts up mental barriers.

Old lessons read with a new perspective can bring about new interpretations.

Do not skim the surface like the dragonfly The dragonfly merely glides over a pond.

One’s merits should not be a hindrance to one’s progress.

Ideas enlarge the mind and never allow it to go back to its original dimension.

With experience, we will gain full knowledge. Inspiration will follow.

Despise learning and make everyone pay for your ignorance.

By filling one’s head instead of one’s pocket, a whole must bear.

One who does not like to read is equal to one who cannot read.

More powerful than any army is an idea whose time has arrived.

Advice given at the right time is better than gold given at the wrong time.

One who has traveled the road knows where the holes are deep.

One looks up at a worthy person as one looks up to a mountain.

If there is a strong general there will be no weak soldiers.

It does not matter if the cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice.

Great leadership is as much about preparation as it is about action.

When a leopard dies, he leaves his coat. When a man dies, he leaves his name.

Observe your opponent and you will find new ways to succeed.

Fortune may surprise you—do not be quick to quit a difficult situation.

What first appears as a calamity may later bring good fortune.

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