Marvelous Chinese proverbs and sayings collections are given here A clear conscience never fears midnight knocking. And another Chinese Proverb is Bad things never walk alone. Troubles always come with other troubles. Try these Chinese proverbs.

To earn a living, a man must depend on his difficult to work for.

May you live as long as the southern mountain and enjoy happiness as bountiful as the eastern sea.

The young and the bold favor speed, while The young often lack the patience and care of the old and wise.

The tiles are broken and the ice is melted. A saying denoting that fame is dead and the glory is gone.

One does not drink poison to quench a thirst. jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

For peace to prevail, all truth cannot be expressed all the time.

To extend your life by a year, take one fewer pleasure could also be a fountain of sorrow.

It is better to be completely ignorant than to be ill taught.

One who is a slave to his senses cannot rein his will into submission.

Sending charcoal in the snow is better than adding flowers to a brocade.

Experience is a comb that we receive just when we are going bald.

Anyone can buy a good house, but good neighbors are priceless.

The obstinate person does not possess opinions: they possess him.

An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity; a pessimist sees a calamity.

Order moves slowly, but surely; disorder is always in a hurry.

In a struggle between strength and patience, patience will win.

Laws are useless when men are pure and are unenforceable when men are corrupt.

The gift of supportive comments can be a great comfort through difficult times.

Gems are polished by rubbing, just as men are made brilliant by trials.

Experience is not a kind teacher, but it is always a truthful one.

To move a big mountain, begin by removing the small stones.

Poverty without complaint is hard, just as wealth with arrogance is easy.

If the wind blows from one direction, a tree will grow inclined.

What a child learns in the cradle he will take with him to the grave.

One who promises too much will find it difficult to make good his words.

Love shows affection as naturally as a sunflower faces the sun.

Everyone can hear your song, but only those who love you will hear your sigh.

Misfortune conquers timid souls, while great minds subdue setbacks.

The poor are those without talents; the weak are those without aspirations.

To love is to remember. One who is not No journey is ever long with good company.

A couple who spends one happy day together is blessed with a hundred days of affection.

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