Marvelous Chinese proverbs and sayings collections are given here A clear conscience never fears midnight knocking. And another Chinese Proverb is Bad things never walk alone. Troubles always come with other troubles. Try these Chinese proverbs.

Wisdom is attained by learning when to hold one’s tongue.

One who starts out to seek contentment finds great wealth.

There is no wealth above a healthy body and a happy heart.

A saying attributed to Buddha that our minds shape the world we live in.

Suspicion will chase the wind and clutch at shadows. A suspicious heart cannot find peace.

There are three marks of a superior person: being virtuous, he is free from anxiety; being wise, he is free from perplexity; being brave, he is free from fear.

The best tacticians are never impulsive; the best leaders are never arrogant.

Of the thirty-six stratagems, “running away” is the best one.

If one man guards a narrow pass, ten thousand cannot get through.

To conquer one hundred times out of one hundred, study yourself and your opponent well.

One who promises too much will find it difficult to make good his words.

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