Important Ghanian Proverbs and Sayings examples are like Hate have no medicine. And another Ghanian proverb is It is the calm and silent water that drowns a man. Enjoy these Ghanian Proverbs.

A child who is to be successful is not reared exclusively on a bed of down.

Rain wets a leopard’s skin, but it does not wash out the spots.

Though the lion and the antelope happen to live in the same forest, the antelope still has time to grow up.

The chicken also knows when it’s morning, but still watches the mouth of the cock.

A stranger does not skin a sheep that is paid as a fine at a chief’s court.

When a man’s coat is threadbare, it is easy to pick a hole in it.

A woman is like a blanket: If you cover yourself with it, it bothers you; if you throw it aside you will feel the cold.

The family is like the forest: if you are outside, it is dense; if you are inside, you see that each tree has its own position.

An army is driven back by courage and not by insults, however many.

It is not wrong to go back for that which you have forgotten.

Since the beggar would come any way, it’s best to invite him first.

A good woman should be as bright as sunshine, as black as ink, and as sweet as honey.

If you go too near your relatives, they will not respect you.

If youthful pride were wealth, then every man would have had it in his lifetime.

The blacksmith in one village becomes a blacksmith’s apprentice in another.

The witch is going! The witch is going! but if you are not a witch you don’t turn around to look.

A healthy person who begs for food is an insult to a generous farmer.

However high you lift the kid goat, you place it gently on the ground.

It is not only one person who bathes in the witch’s water.

he blood soup made of one palm nut is shared in little drops.

The witch kills “he ate and he did not give me”, but she does not kill, “he gave me too little.

There is no distinction among the common baskets made of palm branches.

If an opportunity is not taken when it comes, it passes away.

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