Let's explore Italian Proverbs and Sayings like All is not butter that comes from the cow. And another Italian Proverb is Years and sins are always more than admitted. So learn these Italian Proverbs.

The smoke of my own house is better than another man’s fire.

God save me from a bad neighbor and a beginner on the fiddle.

If you stumble more than once over the same stump, you have no one to blame but yourself.

He is a friend when you sneeze , all he says is “God bless you.”.

If you want to buy love, love itself is the price you’ll have to pay.

Nothing improves the taste of pasta more than a good appetite.

The person who offends writes as if it was written on sand, and the person who is offended reads it as if it were written on marble

A priest is a man who is called Father by everyone except his own children who are obliged to call him Uncle.

If a man deceives me once, shame on him; if he deceives me twice, shame on me.

When the ship has sunk everyone knows how she might have been saved.

Never point out the mistakes of another with a dirty finger.

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