Renowned Korean Proverbs and Sayings are People aren't perfect; even experts can make mistakes from time to time. And Korean Proverb is Even if you know the way, ask again. Perceive these Korean Proverbs.

People aren't perfect; even experts can make mistakes from time to time.

This one is relatively self-explanatory. Sometimes, getting started is the hardest part off any task; just jumping in will move you forward.

This proverb means that people with similar traits or backgrounds usually stick together and side with one another.

Just as you wouldn't give a fish to a cat and expect it not to be eaten, don't trust people in situations where they can take advantage of you!.

Much like the English saying "The clothes make the man", this proverb says that people will judge you by the way you dress.

After three years at a village schoolhouse, even a dog can recite a poem.

Birds listen to day-words and rats listen to night-words.

If the outgoing words are beautiful, then the incoming words will be beautiful too.

There is more worth in one hour today than in two hours tomorrow.

The goddess of good fortune likes a person who has courage.

When you want to find even dog dung to use as medicine, you can’t find it.

Even if the sky collapses, there is a hole to escape out of.

The dog covered with dung scolds the dog with the chaff.

If going words are beautiful, coming words will be beautiful.

The frog can’t remember the times when he was a tadpole.

You can know a promising tree from when it’s a baby tree.

If you lift together, it’s better – even if it’s a sheet of paper.

You can lead a horse and go to a stream but you can’t make it drink water through its own will.

If it becomes distant from your eyes, it also becomes distant from your mind (heart).

Birds hear the words spoken in the day, and mice hear the words spoken at night.

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