The List of Tamil Proverbs comprises of a portion of the generally utilized by Tamilian people and their diaspora everywhere throughout the world. like A thief's psyche is on stealing. Enjoy these Tamil Proverbs.

A dancing girl [harlot] does not regard the ties of relationship.

A doctor only thinks of the profit he will get by the medicine he is preparing, the sick person only wonders whether it will cure him or not.

A man who defends a false case is a king who tolerates crime. [He must take the consequences of his crime sooner or later.

A monkey that has drunk toddy. [It is naturally mischievous but becomes worse after drinking toddy.]

A weeping hypocrite, a worshipping hypocrite and a ritualistic hypocrite.

A wicked child that has no respect for his parents.

After seeing a ruined wall, why should you go and knock your head against it?

All houses have an earthen fire-place, a fire-place of gold exists nowhere.

Are you so blind as to run your head against a ruined wall?

As the snake bit the man who had fallen from a tree.

By meditation on God, the spiritual wisdom in man that is unilluminated, will become radiant.

Children and God prefer to be where they are made much of.

Even when the city of the god of riches is plundered, the unlucky wretch will get nothing.

Every little man thinks himself great, because he measures himself according to his own standard.

Every man tries to secure what he has gained to himself.

Good fortune and riches are never one man's share.

He performs severe penance outwardly, but he is a great rogue.

He who has luck in his favour will ride in a palanquin.

He who sows millet, reaps millet; he who sows deeds (good or bad) will reap accordingly.

If I speak, I am called a babbler; if I am silent, I am called a dumb fellow.

If it be the will of God, even the dead will rise.

If the sugar-cane tastes bitter, the fault is in the mouth of the eater.

In times of degeneration people get a perverted mind.

Should one burn down one's house for fear of rats?

The deeds of each individual will follow each individual.

The sister who blamed her elder sister became a harlot herself.

What is an elder or a younger sister to him who lies with his own mother?

Will he be afraid of blame, who is not afraid of committing murder?

Will the man who lies with his own mother regard any ties?

Will you go and fall into a well with a lamp in your hand? [Run not into ruin with your eyes open.

About Tamil Proverbs

Tamil proverbs are particularly insightful and therefore smart to use. I here describe such proverbs related to Tamil culture. Enjoy the Tamil Proverbs which are given above the page.