Turkish proverbs are being used in the present day. You can use these Turkish proverbs in your life. Along these lines, it's important to gain proficiency with these proverbs so as to comprehend the Turkish people.

It is used to denote that events are heading to an obvious conclusion, so that further discussion may not be needed.

A whole herd can take shelter in the shade of a great tree.

Used when expressing some sympathy for the pained people who are close to the injured or hurt person.

Animals are governed by their reins; people by their, promises.

Don’t throw your seeds into the place where nothing grows.

Before buying the cloth look at the sample; before marrying a girl look at her mother.

Do not bring weariness to a council by having all the talk to yourself.

Whatever is done or said, it may have no significan’t effect on what happens or its the outcome

Some forms of foretelling, like prognoses and weather forecasts, hold benefits for different reasons.

Don’t call every crooked branch your bow and don’t call everyone you see your uncle.

Said to one who meddles with things he does not understand.

Don’t let the box be opened; otherwise they will say bad things.

If you bring up a certain subject you risk hearing unpleasant things.

Don’t rely on a man, he may die; don’t lean on a tree, it may dry up, and don’t lean on a wall, it may fall down.

Wait till you come to the river before you pull off your shoes.

One should not be overly eager and optimistic about an outcome.

Don’t exceed your capabilities or you will suffer for it.

Don’t take a heavy burden, otherwise you may hurt your back.

Eat and drink with a friend, but have no business transaction with him.

Even if you put a golden saddle on its back, a donkey is still a donkey.

A reminder that others may have a different way of doing things, and hence asking for some tolerance.

From a base person comes no fidelity, from a harlot no shame.

Give advice to those who will heed your words and keep it in their ears.

And “A ladder is climbed rung by rung” is behind graded teachings too.

He that goes far to be married, will either deceive or be deceived.

He that prepares for ill, gives the blow a meeting and breaks its stroke.

If a stone falls on an egg, it is bad for the egg; if an egg falls on a stone, it is still bad for the egg.

If I spit downward, (I defile) my beard; if upward, my mustache.

If the bald knew a remedy he would rub it on his own head.

If the partridge had the woodcock’s thing, it would be the best bird that ever fly.

If you don’t know how to swim, why are you at the seashore?

If you look after it it will become a vineyard; if you don’t, a barren field.

If your head be without pain don’t thrust it into trouble.

In the estimation of the nightingale, a cage of gold is a prison.

In the place where the cat is not found, there are plenty of rats.

In the place where there are many cocks, the morning is early.

Instead of having a handful of gold, it [could be better] to have a handful of earth.

It is a good thing to listen to the words of one woman in forty.

It is better to misplace our charity on nine unworthy persons than to deny alms to one that is really in need.

It is no play where one greets [weeps] and another laughs.

It is not in speaking continually of honey that sweetness comes into the mouth.

It is not what is eaten but what is digested that nourishes the body.

He who throws a stone at his relatives will never prosper, give the kinsman his due.

It takes 6-8 years after the seedlings are planted, till the first walnuts appear.

He who keeps his head at home, loses not his hat in the crowd.

He who has had his mouth burnt is prudent on another occasion.

He who goes out on a journey without a guide loses his way.

He who goes on a chase without a greyhound comes home without a hare.

He who desires tranquility must be deaf, blind, and tongueless.

He who desires to have children must be willing to endure their hardships.

He who chastises not his children is himself at last chastised.

He who can’t bother to get married will have no children.

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