Welsh Proverbs not only represent the universal truth but also give a moral lessons. It acknowledged as the living treasure of knowledge. Welsh Proverbs are the product of ripened knowledge or the experience of sages from Welsh Proverbs.

He who complains without cause let a trigger be made for him.

He who complains of surplus does not grieve at all.

Odious is he who constantly complains with no cause.

With wellness at liberty, it is wonderful what complaint.

Temperance, faith and prayer, will overcome every issue.

Troubles are the steps of this ladder which ascends to heaven.

To prepare to meet adversity is the nearest way to happiness.

Hateful is that he who promises everything and fulfills nothing.

A youth's guarantee is similar to the froth of water.

He who seeks protection let him inquire the strongest.

He would have his will let him cultivate patience.

A brief season of intemperance will cost long stress.

He once gets a good name needs to maintain and maintain it.

There's none ignorant but he who thinks he knows all.

He pleads for his error make two devils out of a single friend.

Every proud person is drunk with the medication of his ignorance.

He without a cause throws away his life expires for the devil.

If love might see its weakness it would die of fright.

He who is a friend to himself will have the friendship of others.

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