Yiddish proverbs and idioms are given here like A stranger's glove doesn't keep one warm. And another Yiddish proverb is He who likes to take does not like to give. So enjoy and explore these Yiddish Proverbs.

Give a pig a seat [seat ], he will want to get on the table.

Better the best of the worst than the worst of the finest.

There are some Who Would like to reside [well] and cannot, while others can Live and certainly will not.

When the fated one appears, the marriage is arranged in two words.

If your own don't weep with you, they at least screw up their face FRIENDS, ENEMIES.

When you go to your neighbors, you find out what is ha your home.

When you visit your neighbors, then you learn exactly what's happening your property.

If there is a fire last year, then you can still smell smoke.

She's carrying beets, - good indication that she'll cook beet-soup.

Suppose you do not bless the calf under the marriage-canopy, who cares?

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