Zulu proverbs are very inspiring and encouraging.So lets explore these sayings from Zulu proverbs.

The leopard licks both its black and white spots.

The leopard licks both its black and white spots.

You are playing using the hoe. An individual should not operate in any way.

There is absolutely not any hillside with no grave.

You feed me weed with a pole. You trouble me exceedingly.

The turners back are On ahead, they (dogs) will reduce the hare.

His heads cut off, the remainder might be abandoned.

He the man or woman who favors odd his own people.

It is wise for a kid to lose its father than its mother.

He who makes the chief does not live (extended).

You will get up the fire but not warm yourself.

There's no sunlight that sets Without its affairs.

The bush (to which you operate for shelter) isn't Defiled (with feces).

The wood-shaving killed the elephant (by striking it at the eye).

There is no bet that grew old with its bark still on.

You're in a hurry to plant, where has it been raining?

A partridge has fallen from the yard. - Said of (or to) some who has great luck.

Who obtained harm does Not overlook the one who injures forgets. Obovata) tree bends when dry.

He who slaughters his own beast Isn't forbidden.

The guy's loin-dress-tail is sewn in the Company of other men.

He is a person who likes to be looked at, like a long-haired goat.

Life brings forth some- times a male, sometimes female.

Makes the first last and the last first or the poor wealthy and the rich bad.

This (company) which trainings later is considered (many).

Who has a milking-pail shouldn't be obliged to milk on the ground.

The smoking-horn dried up as to its own water (with which it's partially full when smoking).

He had been kicked by an elephant on His torso.

A dog which will eat the bones Gets used to it.

Do you think I'll clear out all my milk-vessels going away? - Do you expect I tell you all my secrets?

An inguana that does not eat anyone's pumpkins.

It (the roll of tobacco) rotted still bound together.

Look at him thrusting himself among soldiers when the regiment is not his own.

Do you think I am going to wait for larger drops?

It (the seed) is so, it came forth from the ground-nut.

At the place where the wild buck eats in the day time (without fear), where there is free-living.

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