Zulu (Amazulu) proverbs are mainly used by people of the largest ethnic group in South Africa. So let's check these Zulu idioms and sayings. Explore these sayings from Zulu proverbs.

The winged termite is not captured by its mind the moment it appears.

There's not any cunning person whoever licked himself on the trunk.

The youngster's sack is not thrown away after the death of a single child.

Said of a person that has a great protector to assist him.

The sitter-in-one-place eats the skin-scrapings.

Who won't be informed, will visit by the blood-flow.

Alas! for the labour of the ant- bear (who digs a hole and then does not lie in it.)

Who will not be told, will see by the blood-flow.

The Kafir-finch stands by its own stick (perch).

The family circle eats and the lizards bask in the sun (look on).

There's not any partridge that scrapes for another.

The afternoon is worked while it's still fresh.

he thief strikes somebody else with the milk-vessel in the face.

There is no elephant which Finds its trunk too heavy.

There's No cock which finds Its spur too heavy.

He's left on the floor like mucus from the nose.

The house of this bold talker lets in the rain, but that of the man with the little throat may be covered with mucus from the throat.

The weasel is at ease, the mamba (snake) having gone out.

Come out, weasel! or you will be eaten by the mamba.

A small thing may be more powerful than a big one.

The tiger is enquired about from those further on.

He (the idiot ) was sent for tobacco and introduced the medication (Mschosm Riparia).

You start with (boiling) the water before grinding the ground.

A sheep kills an elephant. - A small thing may be more powerful than a big one.

Jokes are coated with dirt. - Someone's jokes are hurtful and nasty.

The cony got to be without a tail through having given directions (to others bring him one).

The calf of the crazy buck jumps there where its mother has leaped.

About Zulu Proverbs

Zulu proverbs are very inspiring and encouraging. They can be considered as a way of conveying one's message to a person. On of the Zulu proverbs says "When you bite indiscriminately, you end up eating your own tail". Explore these sayings from Zulu proverbs.